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Simplified One Decision Strategy
Simplified One Decision Strategy
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Why Choose a Lifecycle Fund?

If you lack the time or experience to research all of your retirement plan's account options, a TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Fund may be right for you. Lifecycle Funds offer a way to make a single choice for your retirement investments based on your expected year of retirement.

How Do Lifecycle Funds Work?

Lifecycle Funds provide a ready-made portfolio of funds using TIAA-CREF mutual funds as underlying investments with exposure to different investment choices, including stocks, bonds and real estate investments. Please keep in mind that Lifecycle Funds share the risks associated with their underlying investments. Be sure to review the prospectus before investing.

Each Lifecycle Fund starts with investment mixes generally considered appropriate for investors at different stages of retirement planning, with the goal of achieving the highest possible returns while minimizing potential risks. (Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that this objective will be met.) Then, the funds adjust periodically to maintain an appropriate asset allocation for the remaining time horizon.

What Are the Main Benefits?

With a TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Fund, you enjoy broad portfolio diversification and ongoing professional management - without the need to make complicated investment, portfolio reallocation and adjustment decisions as your time horizon changes.

Select the Lifecycle Fund Closest to Your Estimated Year of Retirement.

Now all you need do is select the fund that is the closest to your estimated year of retirement, using the chart below as a guide. Lifecycle Funds are available for target retirement years of 2010 through 2040 in five-year increments.

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