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Enhanced Guidance
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As a TIAA-CREF participant in your institution’s retirement plan, you are eligible for personalized, independent retirement planning guidance, at no additional cost. It’s your opportunity to get specific, objective guidance for developing a plan to pursue your retirement income goal, or to find out if your current retirement planning strategy is on the right track.

Through a candid, confidential conversation, a TIAA-CREF consultant will get to know more about you and your total retirement savings picture.

Next, the consultant will use sophisticated planning tools from Ibbotson Associates, one of the world’s most respected independent financial services, to create a detailed report that:

  • assesses your current strategy in light of your retirement goals; and
  • offers retirement investment guidance to enhance your strategy (or, if you’re just starting out, a plan that makes sense for you), which you can put into action right now.

What’s Available:

  1. Objective Investment Guidance
    You can get personalized retirement plan portfolio suggestions including some or all of the following asset classes:
    • Equities (Stocks)
    • Fixed-Income
    • Guaranteed
    • Cash
    • Real Estate

    Your suggested portfolio is based on your retirement goals and expected retirement date, and can take into account all of your retirement assets to help maintain an overall balance between risk and opportunity. In addition to your current retirement plan, you can get guidance on all of your current and past plans on TIAA-CREF’s recordkeeping system.
  2. Portfolio Development Assistance
    We can identify the specific accounts that fall into the asset classes in your suggested portfolio to enable you to make your decisions about which options may best fit your needs.
  3. A review of potential outcomes
    Ibbotson’s guidance tool assesses the probability of meeting your goals with current savings strategies, and recommends a savings rate that may help you meet your goal. You can also adjust some of the factors to help you explore the effects of different savings rates, retirement dates and other factors. (The financial and economic assumptions underlying these projections are based on historical rates of return that may not reoccur, as well as volatility measures and other factors.)

Your Enhanced Guidance Report

Within a week of your consultation, you’ll receive a personalized report that provides valuable information based on the information you provided. The report will show your suggested retirement plan portfolio as well as a comparison between your current retirement strategy and a proposed strategy. Although no strategy is guaranteed, such a comparison can help you consider whether you are saving enough to reach your income goals. If not, the report will tell you how much more you might need to save.

Ibbotson Associates is a leading provider of investment and planning services known for its independence, experience in portfolio analysis, sound business practices, and expertise in software development.

How to Get Started

Call TIAA-CREF at 800 842-2776 to schedule an appointment.

Plan to bring statements showing current accumulations in non-TIAA-CREF retirement plans, IRAs and other plans, including Social Security. And if you’re married, you may want to bring information on your spouse’s retirement assets.

Before your session, your TIAA-CREF consultant will ask you to complete a suitability questionnaire to make sure the guidance we provide fits your needs and situation. In addition to basic personal information, the survey will cover topics like your income and investments and your anticipated retirement goals.

We look forward to helping you make educated decisions about your retirement planning and investments.

Note: The portfolio recommendations, projections and other information we provide you are generated by an analytic tool from Ibbotson Associates, a company noted for its integrity and the soundness of its methodology.

First, the tool estimates your chances of achieving your retirement income goal. Then, if changes are warranted, the tool will recommend:

  • an increased savings rate;
  • a revised retirement plan investment portfolio based on your age, retirement plan savings rate, current investment selections and outside investments;
  • or both.

Investment recommendations define an appropriate mix of asset classes. Projections of potential returns for each asset class reflect aspects of historical performance, including a real risk-free rate, an estimate of future inflation and a "risk premium" (the additional potential return from taking on additional risk).

As with any projection, the outcomes shown are hypothetical, do not reflect actual investment returns and do not guarantee future results. Recommendations for younger clients with a longer savings time horizons generally have higher amounts of portfolio risk. The results may vary with each use over time.

TIAA-CREF Individual & Institutional Services, LLC provides advisory services and distributes securities products.


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