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Choose Your Investment Strategy
Choose Your Investment Strategy
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Having a retirement portfolio that's right for you begins with making a basic decision: How much involvement do you want to have in building your portfolio?

Which of the following hypothetical investors sounds most like you?

Investor A

"When it comes to saving for retirement, I believe in keeping it simple. I'm not a financial wiz and don't have the time or interest to become one. As long as I know my portfolio is in expert hands, I'd rather not worry about it myself. I'm more comfortable knowing that professional managers will keep my portfolio on track and rebalance my assets in keeping with my time horizon or portfolio goals."

Investor B

"I enjoy learning about investing and try to stay on top of how economic trends are affecting my nest egg. Keeping an eye on my portfolio's asset allocation gives me the kind of hands-on control I want. As my life situation and market conditions change, I like making any necessary adjustments to my investment mix myself."

If you identified with Investor A:
A simplified "one decision" strategy could be a good fit for you.

If you are more like Investor B:
You are likely to prefer the "build your own portfolio" strategy.

In either case, we encourage you to contact one of our consultants, who can explain how the plan works, the choices you have, and how to set up a portfolio that will help you meet your investment needs.

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